Welcome to our Top Contributors of the Week!

I'm going to be less thorough than Peter Laker usually is, because he's out on vacation (and because I'm less thorough than he is).

So we're sticking with the leaderboard lists...

In first place this week is me!


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Congratulations, me! Oh, thank you, me! You're welcome! I'm welcome!

As the title mentions, I've been editing Wiki Wiki articles. That's a confusing way of saying they are Wiki articles mostly about TechNet Wiki! Here they be...


Next, let's say/write congratulations to Gokan!

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Here are the SharePoint 2013 articles that Gokan has been editing this past week:

Thanks Gokan for all your contributions this week! Next up is Danny Van Dam, who is new to the Top Contributors top three!


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Welcome to the top, Danny! This will earn you the White Ninja Belt!

This is what Danny's been up to, in the world of System Center VMM:

Thanks to Danny for all your contributions!



And here are the contributors with the most articles in the last 30 days!

I don't have XAML guy's awesomeness to do all the awards he usually does, but I will do one...


Smallest Significant Edit Award  
Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.

The award goes to Naomi N, who updated this article: Latest Windows Security Update in July 2013 Breaks the SharePoint XSLT system web part pages.

In that article, Naomi fixed one letter in the article to change 'has create' to 'has created' instead. See the revision here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/18589.latest-windows-security-update-in-july-2013-breaks-the-sharepoint-xslt-system-web-part-pages/compare.aspx?revB=0&revA=1



Also, I'm glad to see other familiar faces in this list, like Yagmoth (a Community Council member), Tomoaki (our Japanese leader and MVP), Dplotnikov (a Russian leader), Naomi (a multi-winner of the MCC award and a two-time winner of the T-SQL Guru award), Brent Groom (a Microsoft employee and member of the Community Council), and Paul Turley (a SQL Server MVP and member of the TechNet Wiki Advisory Board).

Thanks to everyone for helping make TechNet Wiki such a great place!

   - Ninja Ed