Hello all!

I am Patris. I got an email from Ed to post in the Wiki Ninja Blog. First, I will write a story. That was a real story in the last year for me.


Here is My Story:

I sent my CV (resume) to a company (I linked to my TechNet profile in CV). After 3 months, I got an email for an Interview. The Interview was 1 Hour. The IT Manager did not ask any technical questions in the interview. I thought that I did not get this job!!

Then the IT Manager asked me if I had any questions, and I said "Yes, I do." And I asked, "Why did you not ask me any technical questions?"

He said, "Because you solved some our problems!!!!"

I told him, "Sorry, but something is wrong here. Because your company (your employees) never called me or contacted me about a problem; I just got an email for the job Interview without any questions!!!"

He said, "No, that is correct, but my employee asked some questions in the TechNet forum and you answered, and my employee used your articles in TechNet Wiki. Because of that, we know that you can do the job very well!!"

I watched him; I was very surprised, and he told me, "Yes man, the World is small!" And we laughed.

That was amazing.


What do I want to say to you?

When you write your articles in TechNet Wiki and answer the questions in TechNet forums, you show to people who you are and what you can do. We do not know who reads our articles or asks questions, but believe me, when your article or answer solves the problem, people don't forget you!

Keep in mind, that if you are an MSFT, MCA, MCM, or MVP, people will know what you can do and who you are. But, what about the rest of us?

Here is an example (I am using Ed as an example character):

Ed does not have a job, but he is good and is very knowledgeable and needs a job. He sends his CV/resume to a lot of companies, but he always gets a negative answer!!

After few months, Ed begins to help people in the TechNet forums and writes articles in TechNet Wiki to help the TechNet community. Now, for every 10x CV/resumes he submits, he gets an Interview or telephone call.

The question is, why or what happened??? What improved? Why the sudden change?

The answer is, when the human resources department (HR) reads his CV/resume and sees his TechNet profile, then they see that...

  1. He is a Team player (he helped TechNet community)
  2. He has knowledge (he wrote articles and answered the community's questions)

Those are two important factors in an IT company. Because of this, the HR department send his CV/resume to the IT department.

Now he has contributed to the community, Ed has so many friends in so many countries across the World.


I hope you enjoyed my story, and I hope we will see more people write articles in TechNet Wiki and help people in TechNet forums.

Articles + Community help (Wiki/Forums) = Success