This thread in the TechNet Wiki Discussion forum:

Table Formatting Lost After Edit


...led to this Wiki article by Richard Mueller:

Wiki: Fix Color Issues in Wiki Articles


...which links to this script in the TechNet Gallery:

Fix Color Issues in TechNet Wiki Articles


Go download the script and rate it! I can't believe I was the first one to rate it. Please go show the love! 



And then the Wiki article also links to this Wiki article (from Peter Geelen and Markus Vilcinskas) that discusses the issue in depth:

Wiki: Troubleshooting Color Issues in Your Wiki Articles


This is a great story, because it shows how to leverage the forums conversations and turn it into a Wiki article, then leverage the topic to point to a solution on the Gallery, and then to point it to a second Wiki article that describes the topic (or issue) in depth. And finally, we're announcing this story here, on the blog... so we went from Forums to Wiki to Gallery to Wiki to Blogs!



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