Are you a User Group Member, Leader, or Presenter?

Does the TechNet Wiki come up in group discussions, Q&A or in presented resource materials?

Calling all members of Microsoft User Groups worldwide - make an effort to promote the TechNet Wiki as a go to resource for technology solutions! Everyone will benefit. 

I was recently in Toronto, Canada presenting at the Toronto SharePoint Summit conference. Just a quick shout to all of the fantastic folks in the SharePoint community who were there and to the Toronto SharePoint Users Group - it was great to see you!

I had the pleasure of a few informal SharePint gatherings in Toronto that included SharePoint MVPs, speakers and at least half a dozen User Group Leaders. I made a point of discussing the positive online community that is the TechNet Wiki with everyone I could, and the comments/feedback I received were resoundingly positive. 

Most community leaders that I meet actively promote the TechNet Wiki in their circles. I always endeavor to promote Wiki usage to members of the Bermuda SharePoint Users Group, at every presentation I deliver and even with my clients.

The Wiki has thousands of quality articles contributed by members of the community spanning most technologies Microsoft has to offer. Every individual who works with Microsoft technologies can benefit from the insight and knowledge available on the Wiki.

If you identify a gap in Wiki content - contribute! Only positive things will happen when likeminded individuals contribute to a community cause.

Since the core mission of both User Groups and the TechNet Wiki is community, to connect likeminded people to collaborate, and to connect people with solutions, it is natural, for me and many others, to think of both in the same context.

The next time you host, present at or attend a User Group meeting, be sure to promote the great community based resources available on the TechNet Wiki and any success stories you have with using or contributing to the Wiki (also don't forget the Forums and the Gallery).

Let's make the community resources the best they can be.

In closing, I pose a question to the Wiki and User Group communities at large:

"How can the Wiki and User Group communities work together to collaborate on and connect individuals with relevant information and solutions related to Microsoft technologies of interest?"


Craig Lussier
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