I’m very excited and proud about our Microsoft Technical French Contributor Award because we finally begun. We have our first winner Mathieu Deleplanque




Here is a little preview of his "award" ..



I'm also very proud about my colleagues, they made a great job! Thanks Ed, Thanks Bruno and Thanks Philippe! I've asked to Philippe to respond to a few questions because he is a great pillar of our organization. We will interview on the next MTDC day Ed Price, be aware!

Here the answers of Philippe:


1) Why did you start with Gokan, Bruno and Ed this French Day?

I love the French Community and it was a moment like: "he, we got to make something", but when everyone connect and think the same thing, great idea come out! :-)


2) What was your motivation?

Making the French Community bigger and more connected together on the Wiki! After checking who write French article on the Wiki I found that it was mostly users that does not live in a French country directly. So how we can start to interconnect French user together was my biggest question.


3) Why are you promoting the French Community?

I just love it & I’m a Frenchy :) (Even if it mean I’m not the best to write in English) :-) 


4) What could you say to other communities like (Turkish, Spanish …)

I love the different community and how we can use the Wiki platform to interconnect that planet together is an on-going challenge IMO :-)


5) In one sentence “could you describe your feeling”...

I’m really happy to see all those efforts working! :)


Kind Regards,

Gokan Ozcifci


PS: I'm a SharePoint Pirate and a Wiki Ninja ==> AWESOME :-) :-)