Contributions in all areas are welcome in the TechNet Wiki, There are many ways to contribute to the TechNet Wiki all contributions are valued and recognized, can be assured that your contribution will be tracked by Bing or another search engine and Some will be very useful for a person standing next to you or anywhere else in the world.

 The whole community needs to each other and depend on each other and help others is much appreciated.

 His collaboration with the Wiki project constitutes a significant contribution is always welcome and will always help the community in some way.

 Talking about the Wiki, it was designed to be used as a means to allow multiple people to collaborate on the creation, editing of page content thus making the tool open to all who want to collaborate and improve every day your process.

 We value any community member who is willing to help improve or add articles to the wiki Infrastructure, as much as we value our community code development.

 If you would like to contribute, contribute to the TechNet Wiki, write your article.

 If you happen to have some free hours per week (or month), you can use that time to good use helping the TechNet Wiki.

 Several community members are here, and several have received many benefits as MVP, MCC, and MTAC among other titles that Microsoft offers, and other awards such as TechNet Wiki Day where we recall some winners who received his award for contributing to the community.


Hope your help, contribute or continue to contribute your help is always welcome for you and for the community.

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