As a technical community we strongly believe in sharing knowledge. When I am on stage doing a session on BizTalk Server 2013, Windows Azure Service Bus or Integration with Microsoft Technology I usually start with introducing myself and what I do. Then I talk through my activities on the BizTalk forums and the TechNet Wiki. I ask the audience if they are familiar with the TechNet Wiki. I see a few hands here and there, but never more than ten. So I start explaining what the wiki is by comparing to the Wikipedia. Yet this platform focuses on Microsoft Technology and Products with the emphasis on extending the MSDN Library and share more practical information.

A great deal of let's say evangelism of the TechNet Wiki is made through this blog. This means a good exposure online. However, offline I notice that usually around 10% of the audience is aware of the TechNet Wiki. This is at least during divers BizTalk or Azure related events. In case you have a different kind of experience or have a great idea to enhance the visibility of TechNet Wiki in certain communities feel free to comment on this post!

Making people aware of the TechNet Wiki during events about Microsoft technology is a good option. In my view a great way of promoting the TechNet Wiki. Telling people about what the Wiki is and that people can participate by adding articles themselves or collaborate with others enhances empowerment and strengthens communities. So I would say spread the word and I am looking forward to any ideas!

 - Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)