Hello Community! It's been a month.
Today is Friday with International Community Update.

The end of March are as follows:

Indonesian (id-ID) worked hard, but there were no noticeable movement except that.
However, the place from 4th to 6th is now almost on a par.
A change may occur in next month.

I usually explain another viewpoint analysis result here, but today is not so.
It's because there was a big news for me just recently.

The news is that I became a Microsoft MVP!
As far as I know, the category (Windows Expert-IT Pro) is same as my friend Luiz Henrique Lima Campos.

Why did I post this personal information in this blog?
The answer is very easy.
Because the contribution to the TechNet Wiki is the biggest reason for this award.
(I don't know the real reason, but I'm convinced so.)

Thanks, everyone. Thanks, TechNet Wiki!!

Tomoaki Yoshizawa (yottun8)
TechNet Profile : Tomoaki Yoshizawa
twitter : @yottun8