Hello Ninjas,

It has been a very very veeeerryy busy week for me but I will never forget to post my scheduled post. Today it’s the friday- international spotlight

Most of times, there are 2 classic Friday Posts.

1. Yottun8 : Locale Rank Table

2. Luiz Henrique Lima Campos [MVP] : The Mug Day


The spotlight doesn’t go to a language today or to a person who receive a mug or Pocket book. The spotlight today goes to a few persons who are very “visible” on TechNet Wiki.

These persons are:


Actually why I am praising this persons including myself? The reason is simple. When you’re on the homepage of the WIKI you can see our names. Persons influencing the WIKI and all these persons are in the team of WIKI NINJAS!


Isn’t this not an International Spotlight?

Doesn’t matter witch language you speak, from where you are or what you do. Our goal is the same and will always the same: “Help the community by one way or antoher”



Bruno Lewin's idea :-)



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