Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday - Wiki Life post.

Do you know who/what has his/its third birthday on April 14? Let me ask you this question in another way: What do you think, how old is the TechNet Wiki?

Nearly three years ago the TechNet Wiki was launched with the following announcement. How many of you thought that the wiki is that young? I remember the time when I joined the TechNet Wiki community one and a half year ago. That was a great time, but like Ed would say: The wiki is warm!

Since this announcement 3,923 users have contributed 13,570 articles (on March 27), that means more than 4,000 articles per year or in other words: more than ten articles per day. Is that amazing? I think so! But did you notice one thing on this wiki article with your ninja senses? If not, have a look at the page details. The non-invisible ninja Ed Price has already posted the article for the announcement on April 8. That should be called amazing :-) I think he's the only one who can contribute an article to a wiki before the wiki was created.

As a conclusion, let me ask you one (ok, two) question(s): Do you remember when you have contributed your first article? If so, tell me in the comments. And why did you join the wiki community?

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)