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We're currently collecting new features, and the Community Council has one person assigned every month to collecting, communicating, and tracking new features and bug fixes. So all the features will be reviewed by the TechNet Wiki application team.

NOTE: We're slowly collecting the feedback to be reviewed. This doesn't guarantee any specific fixes, but it does give you a voice!


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Comment on this blog post, or add your ideas in the Wiki Article: Feature Requests for TechNet and MSDN Profiles and Social Platform Tools


Here are the ideas currently in the article...

TechNet Wiki Feature Requests

Last Edit Request Status Comment

Wider Reading Area Requested Articles are wider so that more content can be read. This "feature" can be found on Wikipedia and in TechNet/MSDN in the Library, Gallery/Samples, Support, and Forums sections. [Answer: We've been investigating possible solutions.]
2011/09/27 Page Views Requested Display the number of page views for each Wiki article.

Tags Editor Tool Requested Allows someone to edit the capitalization of tags (currently inconsistent because the first person to use the tag defines the capitalization use).

Expand and Collapse Sections Requested Reader can click a plus/minus icon to expand or collapse a header section of an article.
2011/09/29 Embed Any Video Need More Info Currently you can only embed YouTube videos. [Answer: Not True. There is a wide variety of formats supported, including HTML5. Need more specifics here and "proof".]
2011/10/14 Better Article List Browsing Requested On the front page, you have to select 'Click More' multiple times and the number of new posts that show is from 1-8 or so. Make a standard and also allow full-page viewing of recently created or edited pages, popular pages, and pages by user. Similar to options on this page, but actually works and without having to scroll all the way down. On that "TechNet Articles" page, move the Wiki Articles lists (with dynamic tabs) above the static Featured Articles section.
2011/11/14 Tables WAE Requested Tables work as expected. Currently we run into various issues with tables.
2012/01/21 Contribution Search Requested Allow users to see all of their contributions. (Gallery, Forums, Blog Authors, and Library Annotations have this; Wiki does not.)
2012/02/17 Create Lists Requested Users can add any items they want to their lists, and name the lists. Like the "Favorites" concept, but the users can have unlimited lists and name them what they want.
2012/02/23 Stop self notifications Requested I dont need emails about things I change or add (comments) to pages I've select "Email me updates to this page"
2012/02/29 Translation Requested Having a way to link translated's pages with the original's page could be good. Thus the "Other languages" footer could be generated automaticly. A checkbox with the language you did it could be a simple way to mark a en-US article translated into a X language.
2012/04/12 Credit Transfer Requested Administrators or original authors should have a manual way to set the original author of a Wiki page. The profiles should reflect the change as well. This action should be counted as well.
2013/01/14 Share on Google+ Requested Add Google+ as extra venue to share the article in addition to twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and others.
2013/02/06 Moving stats Requested Move the stats to the home page (currently on the Featured Articles page).

TechNet Wiki Completed Requests

Completed Request Status Comment
2011/06 Comment Alerts Completed Notify users of comments to their subscribed articles.

External Links Completed External links (to TechNet Wiki) are marked with an icon and open in a new window/tab. Includes a tooltip on the icon to explain it. For example: http://microsoft.com/

Table of Contents Completed User can add the TOC tag to instantly create a table of contents (based on existing headers). Learn more.

Wiki Leaderboards Completed

The Leaderboards list the Most Active Contributors (Top 10 people to have completed the most activities within the last week), Most Popular Article Contributors (Top 10 creators of articles determined by amount of Recognition Points awarded from view milestones, within the last week), and New Articles Created (Top 5 people who authored the most articles within the last month).

So leave a comment with your feature ideas (we'll add them for you), or go here to add your ideas to the Wiki article yourself:

Feature Requests for TechNet and MSDN Profiles and Social Platform Tools


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