Hi everyone. Today I will take some time to spotlight every frenchy on the wiki, and most of all to thanks them for their excellent's work on the wiki !!!


Tord G.Nordahl wrote a blog post about the French Wiki Ninjas in the past, but I wanted to see if more was coming to the wiki. I tried to find how well the french community was doing :-)




Gokan Ozcifci


Tunisian man


Bruno Lewin - MSFT




Nathaniel Scharer [MSFT]



Oussema Fekih 

Julien De Freitas 


Maurice Pelchat 





I'am really happy to see the french's community getting bigger !, and again thanks everyone for your times and contributions !



nb; If I forgetted someone, just let me know I will modify the list



- French Ninja Phil (Wiki, Profile, Twitter)