Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

A lot has changed since the old days back in the early 90s, especially in the IT world. Go back with me into this time just for a moment. What was the appearance of computer programs at this time? Normally it was executed in an ugly black console. As a user you needed some knowledge to work with these programs. What has changed since these days? Of course, you could say that programs looks nicer, but there is one thing that has changed dramatically (as part of programs which looks nicer): the user experience. Since the iPhone/iPad and Windows 8 user experience is the holy grail to satisfy your users.

What has this to do with our wiki?

Beside the information you provide in your articles the appearance is an important part of a good article. The ninja guru Ed Price has started an article about the User Experience Guidelines for the wiki. It will help you to transform your article into a master piece. It starts with guidelines about casing rules and gives information about fonts, page layout, links, tags, and many more. Why should I care about all these things? It will help other community members to find information faster and it creates an equal experience throughout the wiki.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)