Hello Community!
Welcome to our Friday with International Community Update.

Today I'm going to explain "How many articles in each language are progressing?".
Progress in December is ...


We should be surprised at en-US.
The en-US has reached to 3000 just now!

The memorable 3000th article is "Effective Database Engine Permissions" written by Rick Byham.
Congrats Rick!

Yes, I know. There are English articles more in fact.
Just add a "en-US" tag, it will grow.


New language did not appear in December.
Where is the language following ka-GE (Georgian) in October and ar-SA (Arabic) in November?

The language which appeared reccently is ...

  • Dec. 2011 : vi-VN (Vietnamese), ro-RO (Romanian)
  • Oct. 2012 : ka-GE (Georgian)
  • Nov. 2012 : ar-SA (Arabic)

Keep up the contributing, and Don't forget to add language tag (like a "en-US") when you contribute.

This ranking is based on MANUAL operation. If a mistake you found, please let me know it.

This is my first post in this blog. I'm so grateful for this opportunity.
Thanks ninja master Ed, community, and TechNet Wiki !!


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