Hallo Ninjas with Gokan Ozcifci here. I am a new Wiki Ninja and today I will bring the latest news from the TechNet Wiki International Community.

I think writing an article or whitepaper is important, and if readers like your article its better but if there are comments, and – I hope - “positive” comments, you can be proud of your article.

This is also available for Blog ratings.

A comment is generally a verbal or written remark often related to an added piece of information, or an observation or statement. These are usually marked with an abbreviation, such as "obs." or "N.B.". The term "comment" may have different meanings depending on specific fields of usage.


In this article I will make a top 5 of Turkish commentators on Wiki: 

Wiki Comments: 1908 || Blog Comments: 102

Gokan Ozcifci  TechNet Profile | gknzcfc.net


Wiki Comments: 105 || Blog Comment: 64

Serhad Makbuloglu TechNet Profile | serhadmakbuloglu.com


Wiki Comments: 18 || Blog Comments: 0

Selcin Turkarslan TechNet Profile



Wiki Comments: 5 || Blog Comments: 0

SedatSalaman TechNet Profile | sdtslmn.com/




Wiki Comments: 1 || Blog Comments: 0

Hakan Uzuner TechNet Profile | hakanuzuner.com/


Common guys, the wiki is hot! More articles, more comments and more ratings!

Congratulations All of them for their work. Big hugs go to the TechNet Wiki community, keep up the contribution, have a great Friday and don’t forget to
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