Hello everyone, welcome to the Community Win series again!

Today I would like to reintroduce the Wiki: Technologies Portal (which was created quite long ago), and show you what happened with that since last 22nd November 2011 - basically, in a year.

Let's start with the revisions. There were 100 (!) of them on this page:

The editors, in the order of the count of edits:

Namely: Ed Price - MSFT, Freek Berson, Craig Lussier, Ankit Matta, Bart Timmermans-, Don - tesgroup, klaas j.m. langhout, Sivakumar V, Kumar Vivek, Luigi Bruno, Amit Khare - Project Management Consultant, Christa Anderson, Hani Khoshdel-Nikkhoo, NinoRCTN, Pankaj Pande, pmdci, Steef-Jan Wiggers, BradSevertson, CLIENT FRANK A GECHO, Fernando Lugão Veltem, Gary Ericson - MSFT, Grigori Melnik MSFT, Henrik Walther, ILYA [ sie ] Sazonov, Jean-Paul Smit, Joe Davies, Jonathan Gao, Konrad Sagała, LeoPonti-MVP, luisefigueroa, Margriet Bruggeman, Michael Stephenson UK, Monica Rivera, Nevin Janzen, Ning Kuang, Peter Geelen - MSFT, Rick Saling - MSFT, Robert Silver [MCM], Sandro Pereira, Slye.Gazl, Sonia Atchison, stayros babis, Tord G.Nordahl, and Trana010!

45 Wiki Ninjas contributed to this article - and this is only the last 12 months!

Apart from the revision comments, additional 15 article comments arrived in one year - just take a look on the last two of them:

Very heartening, isn't it?

So, thanks for everyone for contributing to this article, helping Wiki Readers to find relevant pages quickly!