This week we have a bonus international post. Here's an interesting table from Yottun that lists the amount of articles per language on TechNet Wiki.

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This table also lists the country name next to each language.

What's the one language that is the same word as the country it's from? (See the answer under the table.)

The answer: Czech is the language from Czech Republic. Honorable mentions (only one letter off) go to Russian (Russia), German (Germany), Korean (Korea), Romanian (Romania), and Georgian (Georgia).

The biggest riser here is Farsi (Persian), who jumped up by two spots and 12 articles in one month (thanks to Patris). An honorable mention goes to Indonesian, who also increased by 12 articles last month.

The English articles are just a matter of adding that "en-US" tag... there are about 8,000 English articles total, so the tag could be added to another ~5,000 articles.


UPDATE: You can check out the current statistics overall here (on the English Wiki, which does not include the Portuguese, Chinese, or Russian Wikis):

It says (right now; the stats constantly change), "3,415 users have contributed 11,888 pages, 65,408 revisions, and 31,537 comments."
So 11,888 minus all the non-English contributions in this list (2,942), and that leaves you with 8,946 English articles. Since 2,809 of them have "en-US" tags, that means 6,137 English articles still need tags. That's actually over 1,000 more than I originally thought. So anyone want to help me add "en-US" to the tags of 6,137 articles? =^)


One request I have for Yottun, is for the next month, could you add the articles in the dedicated Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified) Wikis? (See Yottun's response in the comments below.)

You can find the number of articles on the right in the Wiki Statistics section on their Featured Articles pages... Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, English (plus the other languages).


Thanks to Yottun. Check out his tweet here.

We'll check back on this status in a month or so and see how things have improved!

Can you help get your language to rise in the rank for next month?


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