Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

Are you a book worm like me? Do you enjoy to read an e-book on a journey?

Do these questions have something to do with the TechNet Wiki? Of course.

Wait, hold on for a second! Didn't you start a post in the same way some months ago?

Mh, you are right! I can remember the blog post, but why doesn't the related article looks similar to the one I want to talk about today?

Short answer: It isn't any longer the same article. A lot has be done since I have written about it. The E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies has expanded enormously. A lot of books about SQL Server 2012, SharePoint, and many more were added. And this article is growing every day. But, how many e-books can I find in this article? I have to admit: I don't know. I stopped counting at the 50th book (and the end of the article was not near).

Am I excited about this article? Yeah, I'm really excited. That's why I want to close this post with the same words as I have done the last time:

"So, what can I do to describe a really good article and a big community win? Nothing, except to recommend that you have a look at it. 
A big thanks to everybody, who has contributed to this article. Keep up the good work!"

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)