Once, I’ve visited India and took some Yoga classes from a swami. His viewpoints on life were quite different from mine, which resulted in an interesting experience. There’s one story the swami told me that I really want to share:

“I’m not a very courageous man. In fact, I am a coward. One day I was driving in my car with my wife, and a taxi driver hit us from behind. The back of my car was completely damaged. I knew I should give the driver two slaps in his face, but I was too cowardly. My wife was scolding me: “Hit him! Hit him! You’re a coward!”, but still I didn’t dare. Another day, our maid servant stole my watch. When I found out, I gave her two slaps in her face. So you see… I’m getting more courageous little by little.”

So, my advice. If you’re ever in the position where you’re thinking of writing a Wiki article, but you’re not sure if it’s good enough… Just go ahead and start writing it, getting more courageous little by little.