Welcome to Wiki Life Wednesday!

Pete (XAML Guy) was inspired by Peter Geelen's call to action to start a TechNet Wiki gadget.


The TechNet Wiki Widget (TWW) is a Windows 8 App to help manage, monitor and aggregate TechNet Wiki articles. The initial release focuses mainly on the RSS features of TechNet Wiki, and also has the ability to Tweet an article to your Twitter account. TWW is written in WinRT and C#, and conforms to Windows Marketplace regulations. TWW is currently going through certification and is currently at content approval stage, which can take up to seven days. 

What will it provide?

  • TechNet Wiki RSS Feeds
  • Fixed Feeds
    • Wiki Ninjas Blog Posts
    • Wiki Ninja Blog Comments
    • Wiki Articles (new and significantly updated articles)
    • Updated Articles
  • Customized Feeds
  • Tag Search
  • Article Watch (watch a specific article's updates)

Read more here:

TechNet Wiki Widget (Windows 8)

We'll add Pete (XAML Guy) to the blog so that he can give you details as the launch approaches.

In other Wiki app news, check out Ana's Windows Phone app, TNWiki Feeds.

It's coming! It's coming! Are you excited?

   - Ninja Ed


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