Hello, and welcome to TNWiki Article Spotlight again!

Do you follow the news about Surface, the upcoming tablet of Microsoft? Today's news is that its price is public and the Windows RT version is available for pre-ordering from now. OK, enough of advertising this (however I can't wait to get them, especially the Pro, next year).

The bad news is that there are only a few articles yet on TechNet Wiki mentioning Windows RT and this tablet. It's not really surprising as these are quite new things, we're before their release (10... 9... 8... 8... 8...), and there were almost only rumors and speculations published across the web. But we have more information now!

So, I know that we usually don't highlight stubs, but I encourage you to contribute to this one - the Wiki article of this week: the Surface Tablet!

Look how it looks like now:

Isn't it sad? :)

But this quote might seem familiar to all of you who often visit TechNet Wiki: "Can You Improve This Article? Positively!"

So, let's give this article a happier look and fill it with content!

Have fun with TechNet Wiki!