As TechNet Wiki Ninjas we sometime share the stage to promote BizTalk Server. This year we have been talking to audiences in the UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Norway. Me, Sandro Pereira, Lex Hegt and Tord G.Nordahl have been talking on BizTalk Server at events in these countries together with Saravana Kumar and Nino Crudele. During our sessions we have promoted or pointed out to the TechNet Wiki. 

Fifty percent of the BizTalk related articles we have written have been inspirational to others. This is evident as number of contributors for BizTalk on the TechNet Wiki increased (see Friday with International Community Update - Number of BizTalk community contributors increases).

As speakers we get positive feedback from our articles and other articles on the TechNet Wiki. Our audience is amazed by number of contributions that can be found on the TechNet Wiki in general and on BizTalk Server. They find it very valuable and applicable for their day tot day job. This is encouraging for us to continue with contributing.

Next year we will be touring Europe again and we will during our sessions point to the TechNet Wiki as an amazing resource. 

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)