TechNet Wiki is growing and improving! It's open for everyone, and that's awesome!

But it has its risks as well. For example, being open for anyone means that unwanted content might appear - displaying advertisements, or links to harmful content.

Today I would like to highlight the work of those who fight against these things here, on the Wiki.

I keep an eye on the RSS feed of the recent articles, and it's amazing how quickly our Wiki community reacts when unwanted content appears. [I also try to add my 2 cents, of course :)]

Let's see our last case (thanks Richard):

The spam page had only 41 minutes to live. As I followed it, our response time is somewhere between a minute and an hour.

Got spam? We have Ninjas. :)

Of course, a wiki administrator or moderator will remove these pages completely after the revision of its history, but that's a different story.

If you're interested in following the changes in TechNet Wiki content, check the article: Wiki: How To Monitor Content (en-US). If you would like to know why and how spam pages should be flagged, please visit the Wiki User Guide: Handling Abuse.

Let's keep the Wiki clean!