Welcome to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday!

As I read the different types of Articles I find some no matter what technology very inspiring, I even tend to copy them into my own articles. So it's time to show my appreciation over the next six months, starting with this one.

BizTalk MVP Sandro Pereira, his article Microsoft BizTalk Server seen by the programmer’s eyes was really an eye opening, revelation of some kind. I love articles like these. As a BizTalker active in the community I often get questions like "how will it be in the future, is BizTalk something I should learn, will I still have a job in 10 years?". So this article written by Sandro Pereira really gives an insight of how him as a developer see the current, past and future of BizTalk, how many are using it and how he is using it. These are the type of articles maybe students are looking for or someone that wants to move to a different platform to learn something new within the different products from Microsoft.

So I said some articles are inspiring so I copy them, and I did Microsoft BizTalk Server seen by the administrator's eyes. This is one of the benefits with the Wiki, and in my opinion it certainly counts for Wikis like this one. Sharing is knowledge and get inspiration is allowed. I would tip anyone here to do the same, make one for SQL, PowerShell SCCM, SCOM, SharePoint, .NET, Server Administrators etc. I want to see more articles like this one, are you up for it?

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