Welcome to our Thursday Community Win!

On Thursdays we get to tell fun stories about how TechNet Wiki did something that's a little amazing... bringing community members together.

A few people have been wondering about a mysterious missing milestone that appears in your profile activity:  "the Technet Wiki has become a global phenomenon".

We had 9 milestones listed on our TechNet Wiki article: What Is It Worth? Details on TechNet Wiki Recognition.

We even had conversations that maybe we needed to say there were only 9 milestones instead of 10 (which is the number listed in the Profile FAQ).

For example, here's a comment on the Wiki article above from Zoltan...

Zoltán Horváth: The FAQ says a Wiki article can reach 10 possible page view milestones, but there are only 9 in the Wiki Activity Point summary table. Is something missing?

Enter Richard...

Avatar of Richard Mueller
Richard brought a lot of clarity to this issue in this Wiki Discussion forum thread:

Richard brought a lot of clarity to this issue in this Wiki Discussion forum thread:


That helped me realize that I needed to verify if we were missing a milestone in our list.

So I went back to the Wiki article that was provided by Eric B:


For those who don't know, Eric has led the efforts getting TNWiki started (and he got the "Wiki Ninja" vibe started). Here's Eric:

 Avatar of Eric Battalio

Eric Battalio

I saw that we were indeed missing that milestone. So I asked John from our Wiki team. He dug and sent me the info.

So I then made the change. Check out the addition made in this Wiki comparison here:


In almost no time, Ana tweeted it!

And then Yuri sent us the tweet:

And Yuri even translated it for us...

“The article about the recognition points at #TNWIKI was updated, including the 20,000 views definition.”

And then Samuel jumped in with some formatting. =^)

Here's Samuel:

Samuel Lester - MSFT's avatar
So let's see, that's 3 community members (Zoltan in the Wiki comments, Richard on Forums, and Ana on Twitter) and 4 Microsoft employees (me, Eric, John, Yuri, Samuel) coming together in a short amount of time to collaborate on this story. And I think we had three countries involved!
Isn't TechNet Wiki amazing?
   - Ninja Ed