Welcome everyone to Tuesday's Article Spotlight!

Today I would like to put a very nice TechNet Wiki article to the spotlight.

Do you remember the Microsoft Official Courses you attended? My first one was MOC 2074A: Designing and Implementing OLAP Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, delivered by Zoltán Hangyál, MCT, SQL Server MCM.

We always got a blue courseware book for the official courses. I still have all of them, I can't really explain why - maybe simply because I like books.

So, in these books, everything was so detailed and correctly highlighted, that it was nearly impossible to miss something in the text and do something wrong.

All those books were very well written and formatted, they led your eyes, your brain and your hands to do, for example, the lab exercises precisely.

The article I would like to introduce to you today is the Step by Step Guide - Single Tier PKI Hierarchy Deployment (en-US). However it's a long page, it is worth to take a look at it how well it's structured - as it can be seen in the 25 rows of Table of Contents of the page:

And if you look at the article, you will see a similar highlighting as the courseware books have!

I encourage every Wiki contributor to create similar pages. Please don't forget to use the "step by step" tag!

Have fun with TechNet Wiki!