How do you measure the success of a platform?
Initially, measure the number of views, visits, posts, users, replies. cross-links, tweets about the Wiki, and more...

As Ed blogged a poem a while ago:Three Thousand (3,000) Contributors on TechNet Wiki!!!!
Current statistics for the TN Wiki refer today to 3,123 users have contributed 11,000 pages, 60,312 revisions, and 28,748 comments.

Alive and kicking, healthy growth. Straight forward, right?

There is another way to look at the succes: reputation.
Not as easy to measure, but the reputation is about what others think of it.

So, what's the reputation of the Wiki?
But how to measure the reputation of Wiki?

Well, the reference of authoritative sources, like TechCenter pages or product pages is a nice indication,

Some examples:

Check the ForeFront TechCenter at :

Or another one for Exchange, see



Let me tell you a little secret: even at MS, quite some Wiki reference pages, troubleshooting guides, HOWTO pages, FAQs are on the primary reference list as study material.
Fun fact: when I started at MS and I asked for the reference document sources on FIM & Identity, this page was one of the first I was referred to.. ;)

So, thank you for the effort to make Wiki grow, to make it a quality reference.
Because the TNWiki definitely HAS reputation.

It's your community win!

I'm still looking for more and better examples of Wiki reputation.
If you know more of these good examples, let us know (put the URL in comment).

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