The first time I worked with Windows was in 1995. I was a lab technician back then working on a medicine for anti-coagulants used during a angioplasty surgery. This medicine was produced during a down stream bio engineering process. It had to be tested during each phase of the process. Data collected from each different tests were analyzed by software running on Windows 3.11. That was 17 years ago and from that time on I worked with Windows 95, Windows 2000 (I skipped ME), Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Now I am using Windows 8 on my laptop. Look at the screenshot below of my new desktop.

I saw Windows 8 at the Build Conference in Anaheim last year in September. Now I am using it when writing this blog post in California, almost a year later at the exact same place as I first saw Windows 8. It is an amazing OS, which is available for a PC and devices like the phone and tablet (the Surface that will be available later on this year). There were already some experiences shared with the community through the TechNet wiki like the article First Look at Screenshots and what's new in Windows 8 - The Social Operating System and there are a couple more. It shows the value the wiki has as people can share their experiences with this new OS in different languages.

If you have the chance to upgrade your computer with Windows 8 I can recommend it. It can take sometime to get used to the new user experience. However, you can switch back to desktop mode and get some of that old experience back. What makes Windows 8 such a great OS is that it available on a phone, PC, laptop and a tablet. So you have the same experience on any device. It shows Microsoft is taking a leap forward with this OS.