How to satisfy the need to keep up with the Wiki community?
Have the updates delivered to you by the TechNET Wiki and Wiki blog.

On the Wiki landing, you'll find a list of featured articles, which are updated weekly. 


The list of featured articles has an RSS feed:
(Still, it doesn't appear to be in sync with the landing page... )

If you want to get an overview of the most recent Wiki articles and the most recent featured pages:

BTW, if you think you have a very interesting article that needs to be featured, check this page: TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees
Feel free to add suggestions!

If you want to get updated on this very own Wiki blog, you can use RSS for posts

The Wiki blog Authoring schedule is maintained at: Wiki Ninjas Blog Authoring Schedule .

Interesting part of the schedule is also, it provides an explanation on the blog post themes.
The blog features weekly:

An other interesting option on the TechNet Wiki platform is to keep track of changes to your favorite articles.

There is an easy solution for this: get an email if an Wiki article has changed.
To achieve this, go into Edit mode for the article.


 Next down below on the edit page, enable the option "Email me updates on this page".

No reason to claim you haven't seen the latest news on the Wiki Ninjas!
Have a happy vacation!

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