Welcome again to the Thursday - Community Win series!

Four weeks ago, Jan (Horizon_Net) wrote about the E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies. There were nice titles added already.

I found there a few books which I was not aware of, but I was interested in. I became curious and subscribed to this article (see the second option of tracking pages here), and I could see a number of activities on this page.

In the last four weeks only, this article had been revised 42 times - adding new links for books, fixing typos, and so on. In these four weeks, at least 20 new title had been added - now there's 55 of them.

(The number of the new titles might be higher because it's not mandatory to add a revision comment when you add a book to the list.)

So as I received the notifications, I visited the page again and again, and I always found interesting titles:

(Yes, there is Adventure Works Cycles in the bottom of the screenshot, and that's a well-known company.)

Stay tuned, it's worth subscribing to this page - and if you know an ebook about a Microsoft technology which is not listed on this page, don't hesitate to share with us there!

For all contributors - thanks for increasing the value of this Wiki page!

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