So you might wonder why is this a Community Win? (Which are examples of the community coming together to be generally awesome on TechNet Wiki.)

I'll get to that answer. But first...

We added the Troubleshooting portal up on TNWiki last month. That's a good thing. Check that out here...

Wiki: Troubleshooting Portal

It's got 44 edits already with 10 authors... not bad for a month! So that's the first Community Win. Congratulations to the troubleshooting experts who have contributed so far!

Here's a taste of some of the troubleshooting content there (the portals are lists of related Wiki articles)...

Active Directory


Group Policy


SQL Azure

SQL Server

Visual Studio


Windows Server AppFabric


Well we replaced the Technologies Portal last month, and today we updated the home page by bringing back the Technologies Portal...

Wiki: Technologies Portal 

It enjoys some impressive stats like...

-        370 edits

-        72 contributors

-        Special alphabetical TOC, so that it doesn’t take up space (or else the TOC would go on forever)

-        11 article comments

It acts as a great tour of the content that's available on TechNet Wiki. Because there's so much there (way to much to list out here), I'll instead give you the alphabetical TOC and let you go hunt...

A | B | DE | FG | H | IKL | PR | S | W 

So thanks also to the 72 people who have helped make that a great article!

Please jump in and help us build out our portals; that's the Wiki Way (Wiki-ing away)!

   - Ninja Ed