Welcome to Wednesday Wiki Life!

Today we're going to look at the main Articles page on TechNet Wiki:


This page is referred to as "TechNet Articles" and the "Featured Articles Page".

On that page, you have a wider left column and a narrow right column. On the top of the left column, is this Wiki Articles module:

By default, it shows all the pages. You can click the page numbers on the bottom to scroll through all the recent activity on TechNet Wiki. (Bonus trick: you can also get all the recent Wiki activity by clicking Show More at the bottom of the "Recent Activity" section at the bottom of the home page of TechNet Wiki (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/).

Anyway, back to this Wiki Articles module on the Featured Articles page, you can click the tabs at the top as well. Click New Pages to see all the recently added pages that have not yet been edited. Click Updated Pages to see all the recently edited pages. The names under the article titles are the people who last updated the articles, not necessarily the people who wrote the articles. Finally, you can click My Pages to see just the pages that you last edited or created.

One cool thing is that each click on that module gives you a new URL, so you can share it or keep it if you want!

Underneath this sweet Wiki Articles module is the Featured Articles section. These are classic articles that we featured on this page. I finally know how to update this page, so if you twist my arm I'll talk to Eric about adding your article. Leave a comment below to make a request! It better be a fantastic article, though. =^)

Next, over on the right column of the Featured Articles page, we have the standard "Post an Article" link and "Provide site feedback..." link. Under that we have the Wiki Statistics. Check it out...

That's a lot of users! We're almost at 10,000 pages! Hey, guess what? Over 500 pages are mine, 15,000 of those revisions (wow), and 5,000 of those comments. Holy cow.

Anyway, you can come back to the Featured Articles page any time to check on those stats.

Under the stats, we have the Wiki Leaderboards:

First are the Most Active Contributors. This is where I get my Top 10 Wiki Ninjas list from each week. Looks like I'm cleaning up so far. Hey maybe we'll feature R.Alikhani this week. We'll see on Saturday!

Then under that one is this...

The New Articles list gives you the top 5 article contributors over 30 days. Way to go, Roger! All of you are doing a fantastic job!

So that concludes our tour of the Featured Articles page. So go check it out, click some links, and have some fun!

Featured Articles Page



   - Ninja Ed