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We featured Margriet three weeks ago, but we're featuring her again because she got to the #1 spot this week, because she's got some SharePoint 2012 Best Practices up, and, well, the only ones who haven't been featured yet are people with less than 20 edits this week. So we're featuring Margriet again. Check it out...

Here is Margriet...

Margriet's Profile

Margriet is a technical architect and software developer specializing in Microsoft technology. Check out Margriet's blog: http://www.sharepointdragons.com and the web site: http://www.loisandclark.eu. You can follow Margriet at twitter: http://www.twitter.com/margrietvuur. You can email Margriet at margriet at loisandclark dot eu. Margriet has worked with SharePoint since the beta release of the first version (SharePoint Portal Server 2001) and was one of the first people world-wide to receive the SharePoint MVP title (in 2002-2003). Margriet has written several books about SharePoint, and contributed to others. Check out: http://www.loisandclark.eu/Pages/Publications.aspx for more info.
What has Margriet been up to this week?
In addition to updating her SharePoint 2010 Best Practices (en-US), she also started setting up the structure for her SharePoint 2012 Best Practices (en-US).  
If you're a SharePoint expert, please check out her articles and review them, leaving comments where it makes sense.

And since Margriet is a Wiki Ninjette, we present her with the best way we could possibly honor her, with the Wiki Ninjette...


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