A fresh Wiki Ninja joining...
A new team member...
A discussion amongst experts..
Giving a course....
Learning new stuff...
Trying to explain a technical configuration...

What's the first thing to do, whatever language?
Creating common ground, a language baseline.

The Technet Wiki is no exception to that base principle.

Good articles require a good foundation.
Today's spotlight is on the Wiki glossaries.
Because we can't have enough of them!

I'm glad that the different Wiki Ninjas cross-platform support the same idea.
You don't need to be a FIM or ILM geek (never too late to become one).

Want to get started with

But still, lots of more work to do.
There is wonderful stuff out there, but we need it ON THE TECHNET WIKI!

So, it's very much worth spending time on a glossary.
I even would like to put it stronger: when you start writing a Wiki article, build a glossary, on the TechNet Wiki.
Of course.

The Wiki thanks you! 

[Ka-jah Shakaah!]
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