Welcome to our weekly Top 10 Wiki Ninjas. Let's see this week's chart...

Fernando easily takes the top spot with 264 edits! It's a mix of English editing, Portuguese editing, and adding tags.

Fernando's Profile

Fernando was one of the first people we featured here.

We also recently featured the #2 and #3 performers this week, Richard and Margriet.

So today we're going to take a look at Patris 70.

Patris' Profile

Patris has done a lot this week.

First, Patris has been authoring and editing some content in English:

 Active Directory Attributes in the ADUC GUI Tool (en-US)

Second, Patris has been editing and updating other peoples' articles:

Event ID 1014 Microsoft Windows DNS Client (en-US)

Event ID 1060 - Application Popup (en-US)

Event ID 6 Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power (en-US)

TROUBLESHOOTING: Event ID: 6801: The Exchange server address list service failed to respond (en-US)

Event ID 500 Windows Diagnostics Performance (en-US)

Event ID 1111 — Terminal Services Printer Redirection (en-US)

Using MOM Tasks to Uninstall SSA from FCS Clients (en-US)

Forefront UAG Troubleshooting: Event ID 161: The User Name Claim Type Is Missing from the Security Token (en-US)

Prepare Your Existing Systems and Be Ready to Transition (en-US)

Many-to-Many Mapping in Master Data Services (en-US)

Third, Patris has also been translating Active Directory content into Farsi/Persian:

ایجاد Domain Trees جدید (fa-IR)

کتاب مشاور جیبی ادمینهای اکتیو دایرکتوری (fa-IR)

Fourth, Patris has edited other people's Farsi/Persian articles:

سطوح کارکرد در اکتیو دایرکتوری (fa-IR)

طراحی ساختار مناسب برای واحدهای سازمانی در اکتیو دایرکتوری (fa-IR)

Plus, Patris has helped clean up spam this week too! Quite a busy week!

So thanks to Patris, and congrats to Fernando, Richard, Margriet, and all the other contributors this week!


Thanks for making TechNet Wiki a wonderful place!

  - Ninja Ed