Welcome to our Saturday blog post, Top 10 Wiki Ninjas of the week!

Fernando and I have already been featured, so today we're featuring Richard Mueller. Here's Richard's Avatar/Cat:

Richard's Profile

His biography: "I worked for an electric utility where I was responsible for IT services at 10 power plants and 3 office locations. I do consulting and work with a partner on an application that tracks school lunches."

Richard is a Directory Services Development MVP. Richard's MVP Profile. With 38,000+ Recognition Points, he's also very well known in forums like Directory Services, PowerShell, scripting, Windows Server, and Forum Issues.

For some reason, I'm only seeing this MVP profile image when I refresh the page (leave a comment below to let me know what your experience is, whether you see it or have to refresh the page to see it):


On TNWiki, this week Richard has been helping us clean up and maintain the forums with spam and with tags to help track international articles and languages.

Thank you for your help, Richard!

And thank you also to Fernando, Margriet, Tim, Yottun, Yagmoth, Heslacher, Patris, and Luigi! Congratulations to you all!


Come on in! The Wiki is warm!

 - Ninja Ed