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Today we're going to look at a neat trick where you can filter your tag results by more than one tag whilst in TechNet Wiki.

Journey with me to Top 10 Wiki Ninjas: Craig Lussier (SharePoint Architect MCC) and his 2K en-US tags. In that blog post, I mentioned how Craig Lussier made a great discovery.


First he wrote a Wiki article about having a stronger multilingual community. In that article, he mentioned his discovery of how to filter on more than one tag. I suggested that he post his discovery as a new article, which led to him writing this Wiki article...

SharePoint 2010: How to Find and Filter Wiki Articles by Language (en-US)


Based on that, I wrote the higher level Wiki article...

Wiki: How to Filter Tag Results by More than One Tag (en-US)


And that's the perspective we'll look at today...

How do you filter tag results by more than one tag?

The URL convention for filtering by multiple tags is as follows:


Where you replace [tag1], etc, with the URL encoded value for the tag.

Example 1: I want to see all the Portuguese articles about SQL Server. So that means if I want only articles that contain the "pt-BR" and "SQL Server" tags, then I use this URL:


Note the following symbol changes:

  • A dash should be changed to "_2D00_" instead.
  • A space should be changed to a "+" instead.

Example 2: I want all the SharePoint articles written in English. That means I use the "en-US" and "SharePoint" tags:


Example 3: I want all the articles that are about PowerPivot, Excel, and are known issues. That means I use the "PowerPivot", "Excel", and "Known Issues" tags:



Remember to go back to the original article in case we end up adding more information there (Wiki: How to Filter Tag Results by More than One Tag (en-US) ).


Go give it a test spin, and post your creative tag results in the comments below!

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