Welcome to the Tuesday article spotlight!

Recently I spotted an interesting Wiki article. I've never seen a similar kind of article before on Technet Wiki.

Basically it's the transcript of a Channel 9 video by Joe Sack, "Presentation: Introducing SQL Server 2012 Table Partitioning Improvements". Of course, you can find the link of the video as well on the page. ;)

Usually, when a video is shared, a little additional information is attached only. There is a limited length editbox where you can type a general description of your video, but this is usually less than enough to store the complete transcript. (Not to mention the format, which is only plain text.) Sharing presentation transcripts on Technet Wiki is a very good idea - this way video contents also become easily searchable and easily readable.

So, the article for this week is: "Presentation Transcript: Introducing SQL Server 2012 Table Partitioning Improvements (en-US)". Thanks for sharing, Roger!

I just added the "Video Transcript" tag to the article, and I encourage everyone to tag similar articles as well.

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