Hello and welcome to our Thursday - Community Win.

Tord and Philippe has shown you in the last community wins that the wiki is hot. Today I want to talk about an article which is representative for this growth. It is about a topic (I have to admit) I'm not familiar with, but which shows the power and the energy of a community. Before we start let me ask you two questions:

Do you love System Center? Do you like survival guides? If so, the TechNet Wiki has something for you.

The System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival Guide is one of the hottest wiki articles today. Since its creation on January 27th this year 141 revisions where created. No matter if you search for tools, blogs, downloads, step-by-step guides, or if you want to connect yourself to other people who also love System Center ... you will find it. At the time of writing this post the article contains 209 links to resources around System Center.

But it is not all about wiki. Let me show you the coolest feature of this article: The new Configuration Manager suggestion box lets you bring out your idea to the world/community. So, if you have ideas or suggestions: Just vote for existing ones or create a new one. And if you are on Twitter: #configmgrguide allows you to track updates of the survival guide.

This article is a perfect example, how a community can work and win together as one. A lot of people has invested a lot of time to make this article to what it is today: amazing. So, there is only one thing left I can say: Great job and stay tuned for (nearly daily) updates!

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, Profile)