Welcome to our Tuesday article spotlight!

Have you ever had an Issue with a product from Microsoft?

And you struggle to locate information, when you do you forget to write it down and when the problem occur again you have to look up the solution again.

Well if you follow the idea of this article spotlight it might give you some ideas, and together you can bring a good and reliable list of Errors, warning with causes and solutions. together we can gather all errors and hand out the resolution, building it up one by one.

This weeks article spotlight is BizTalk: List of Errors and Warnings, Causes and Solutions It's created by MVP Sandro Pereira

The introducation of the article is self explanatory:

This article is intended to be a knowledge base of all Errors and Warnings,
Causes and Solutions documented in all stages/components of BizTalk: different
stages of development, deployment, adapters, runtime, setup and configuration…

So i throw the ball, in what platform will I see this type of article next?

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