With the impending release of Server 2012 and Windows 8, many IT enthusiasts around the world are looking to test out the previews of each and see what they are capable of.  Sometimes this just entails installing the OS and tinkering with it, but when they begin installing the more advanced features, the configuration becomes more, well, advanced. It is at this point that many IT professionals turn to the documentation and try to decipher what they are supposed to do.  But what happens when that documentation doesn’t exist yet?  They turn to Bing and hope that someone has posted a write-up that is similar to their situation. 

And where are the majority of those write-ups?  Glad that you asked.  As of April 26th, there are 149 articles on Server 8 and 134 articles on Windows 8.  That is approximately 1.25 articles a day since the release of the Windows Developer Previews.

The same holds true for other new and emerging technologies, such as SQL Server 2012, which has an astounding 210 articles.

Are you testing out a new and/or emerging technology and can’t find documentation for it?  If so, leave a comment below and you might just give someone inspiration to write it!

-Rich Prescott

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