Hello community, Yuri Diogenes here and on this International Update I would like to talk about the new TechNet Wiki Portal Language Based. Last week we launched three new TechNet Wiki portals:

While I will let the Wiki Ninjas from China and Russia express their feedback about their portal, I would like to take a minute to echo how the Brazilian community reacted with the TNWIKI PT-BR (which has the short URL http://aka.ms/wiki-ptbr):


Now that’s it. The Wiki is ours!


Congratulations to all Wiki Ninjas for the new Portal!


It’s getting pretty cool with all the links in PT. If you need help let me know.

The Brazilian community is pretty excited with the new portal and they are already fully engaged with the system. The community is actively using the Forum to ask questions about the new platform. They are also contributing in a very fast pace and the new platform is very well populated now.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks not only to the Brazilian community for embracing the new portal but also to Luciano Lima, Jordano Mazzoni and Jorge Barata for working with me last Thursday (04/12) until late in the night to finish populating the main pages. You guys rock!

That’s it folks, the International phase of the TechNet Wiki started, let’s keep it growing and populating those portals!