This is Friday! You know what that means, right? Time for an International Update!

In 4 weeks, 18 people translated 267 Wiki articles (mostly from English) into 8 languages:

  • Portuguese (69 articles from 6 people)
  • German (48 articles)
  • Spanish (45 articles)
  • Norwegian (40 articles)
  • Italian (25 articles)
  • Japanese (18 articles)
  • French (14 articles)
  • Russian (7 articles)
  • Dutch (1 article)

This also marks the end of our 4-week Translation Challenge! Remember...

There are two contests, and two sets of prizes!

A. Top Individual Translator - The person who individually translates the most articles will win this contest! The winner will get a Monday interview blog post (Interview with a Wiki Ninja) and I'll make the winner a customized Wiki Ninja stick figure image! =^) If the person has already received an interview, then he/she can choose to have another person from the translation team interviewed or have a second interview with new and specific questions (I'll talk to the winner to come up with the best questions).

B. Top Translated Language - The language that gets the most overall articles translated will win this contest! Your language will win a Friday post that focuses directly on your contributions and on who your team members are and what they contributed. Second, I'll make your team a Wiki Ninja stick figure image of a ninja carrying your country's flag! =^)


To qualify, the translated article must be completed after March 12th. I'm looking at articles in the tags listed here: Wiki: Translation Tags (en-US).

I'm listing the languages and articles out alphabetically.



Total: 1

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 14

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 48

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 25

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 18

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 40

Wiki Ninjas:



Portuguese (Brazil)

Total: 69

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 7

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 45

Wiki Ninjas:




Top Individual Translator

This was an amazing battle for round 2! I was surprised how many people worked on this, and the top 3 had 36, 40, and 45 articles translated! That's pretty close!

Here are the top translators:

1. Horizon_Net (German) - 45

2. Ed Price (Spanish) - 45

3. Tord G.Nordahl (Norwegian) - 40

4. Fernando Lugão Veltem (Portuguese) - 36

5. yottun8 (Japanese) - 18

And so our individual winner is Horizon Net:

Horizon received a Wiki Ninja interview and received a personal Wiki Ninja stick figure image (the graduate ninja)! =^)

Thanks everyone for working so hard and for doing such a fantastic job!


Top Translated Language

There were a lot of hard working individuals, but ultimately teamwork prevailed!

Here's the tally...

Dutch - 1

French - 14

German - 48

Italian - 25

Japanese - 18

Norwegian - 40

Portuguese - 69

Russian - 7

Spanish - 45

Congratulations to the Portuguese team! We created a new Brazilian Wiki Ninja stick figure for you! =^)

We'll also interview more of your contributors in the Monday interview series (as well as other top contributors) in coming weeks.


Great job everyone! As Fernando said in the comments below, the Community Wins!!!

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)


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