Hello and welcome everybody to the Tuesday TNWiki Article Spotlight. Today I want to cover one of my favorite topics: SQL Azure.

Did you ever had the feeling that you are looking around for useful information on a specific issue and the process is the same as the following?

You start with asking your favorite search engine. What is the result? A lot of content which is mostly unrelated to your problem. You click on one of the search results (Site A) which gives you some information, but not the ones you need. But hey! There is a link to another site (Site B). Ok, the content could be useful. Any other links which I could visit?

This quest could last till the end of everything (depending on your issue). Wouldn't it be nice to have a site with all the information and frequently asked questions you are looking for? If your issue is related to SQL Azure: Stop looking around, help has arrived!

The SQL Azure FAQ contains more than 70 frequently asked questions. A lot of people have contributed to this article (even the Windows Azure Product Team) to share their knowledge. The result is a collection of questions (and of course their answers including examples) which are related to pre-sales, the database size, billing and metrics, etc.

But I like to read the questions in my mother tongue! No problem ... This article has been translated into ten other languages. Yes, this article is available in ELEVEN languages in total.

So, stop searching and start reading! Thanks to all the contributors. Great work!

- German Ninja Jan (TwitterProfile)