So how can you use TNWiki to challenge our language barriers?

By taking these three EASY steps!


1. It all starts with English articles. (Because it has to start somewhere!) Do you have a great article idea to write (or you already wrote)? Then don’t hesitate to post it! And if someone who speaks another language likes it, it may get translated into a second language. I illustrate that in the drawing by the tree’s larger leaf at the top.

2. Second step! What if English is not your main language? Don’t be afraid to write an article in English. “Typos” are always welcome; don’t fear them! If you make a typo in a new article, then someone will likely fix it for you (to get an edit pass on your article, you can just leave a comment here with a link to your article; someone will help you out). The result of getting the article out there is the most important thing. A great article even with some typos is better than no article at all! I illustrate that in the drawing by the tree’s smaller leaf at the top.

3. Last step. If you find a great article that you like, why not translate it? (And translate your own English articles.) That will help anyone who does not read English to stay up to date and informed. All that work will make a stronger community base for TNWiki. I illustrate that in the drawing by the tree’s root. That makes the Wiki’s foundation stronger.



In conclusion; I am really not the best in creating graphic art, but I like to think that all the international community’s work just makes a stronger structure for TNWiki’s base. More and more articles translated results in more international people visiting TechNet Wiki, and more English articles will also build a stronger attraction to the Wiki. It's a big wheel.

- French Ninja Phil (Wiki, Profile)

(P.S. A big thanks to Ed for correcting my spelling errors!)