The battle continues! Welcome to Round 2! Last week on our Friday International Update, we came to an agreement in the comments to hold a contest! You can see the comments here.



Here are the rules...

1. Any language can battle (not just the ones listed in the title; those are based on the languages that are the most likely to compete). Just translate an article into your language. You should probably start with the English articles, but you can translate from any language into your language. You can even represent English and translate articles originally written in other languages!

2. To track your translation progress, do the following:

A. Add a link to your article from the other translations. Add your link to the Other Languages section at the bottom of the original article (and it should also exist on all the language versions). If there isn't an Other Languages section, that means you're likely the first to translate that article! So add an H1 "Other Languages" section title at the bottom of the article and include your language in there. For example, here's the Wiki Development Portal's "Other Languages" section. Also, please add your link to the other articles that also translate the source article (for example, you translate an English article about how to use TechNet Wiki, and so did three other languages, so you add a link to your article to all four languages). Here is an example of a Portuguese translation that includes a link back to the original English article as well as to the French translation:

B. Use the "Multi Language Wiki Articles" tag on the original article. That will help me track it. Boom.

C. OPTIONAL: Create your own tag to track your translations, and then comment with a link to your tag below so that I know. For example, you can add "Translated into Portuguese" as a tag on every Portuguese article that's translated from another language. UPDATE: The following tags have been started by the different language teams: Translated into Portuguese, Translated into German, and Translated into Italian.

3. Don't forget to include your language tag and title code. As usual, please use your language code in the title. For example, use "(pt-BR)" at the end of the title for Brazilian Portuguese. And then likewise add your language's tag. For example, add "pt-BR" as the tag in the tag section at the bottom of the article.

4. The challenge goes for 4 weeks (starting last Monday), and it ends on April 8th (Sunday)! We will report out the results that Friday (April 13th) on the International Update blog post!

5. There are two contests, and two sets of prizes!

A. Top Individual Translator - The person who individually translates the most articles will win this contest! The winner will get a Monday interview blog post (Interview with a Wiki Ninja) and I'll make the winner a customized Wiki Ninja stick figure image! =^) If the person has already received an interview, then he/she can choose to have another person from the translation team interviewed or have a second interview with new and specific questions (I'll talk to the winner to come up with the best questions).

B. Top Translated Language - The language that gets the most overall articles translated will win this contest! So go out and form a team around your language! Your language will win a Friday post that focuses directly on your contributions and on who your team members are and what they contributed. Second, I'll make your team a Wiki Ninja stick figure image of a ninja carrying your country's flag! =^)



And now, here are some tips and tricks! Leave a comment with more tips!

1. Use the Translation Widget for a quick machine translation of the original English article. If the original article is in English, select your language from the "Translate this page" drop-down box on the top right side of the article page. The great thing about this machine translation is that it is a moderated wiki of sorts, so it's constantly being improved by the community. Because of that, your translation is of higher quality than most machine translations. Copy your translation, and then paste it into the new article! Then all you have to do is refine the translation! You can even have your team come back in later to help do that. Don't forget to follow Rule #2 (use translation tags and article section links) and Rule #3 (use language title codes and tags) above.

2. Use Bing Translator if the original article isn't in English. Similarly to Tip #1, you can press Ctrl + A to select all the text in the article (that's in any language), right-click the selected text, and then click Translate with Bing. Then just pick your output language,  and copy and paste it into a new article (Google Chrome also has a built-in translator). Then you can just refine the translation.

3. Start by translating the articles with links on the Home Page of TechNet Wiki. Go to the Wiki Home Page ( Browse through the article portals (the blue boxes at the top; they list many Wiki articles on those topics). Translate your favorite articles linked on those portal pages. Then translate the articles linked in the "Help & Feedback" section on the right.

Here they are:

4. You can find more great articles to translate that are linked on the Getting Started page.

5. Find out what the other languages are translating and pick from those. You can start by seeing what was translated during "Round 1" here.

6. Look through the articles that we previously featured on the Home Page of TechNet Wiki. Find the featured articles here. You might want to translate one of those. Those are some great articles!

7. Check out the various Overview articles. Find the overview articles here. There's a lot of interest in those!

8. Browse through all the other languages for ideas. This page acts as a menu for all the non-English languages.

9. Translate your own English articles. If you write English Wiki articles and you know another language, then translate your own articles first. For example, Luigi Bruno translates most of his English articles into Italian.



So, are you competing in this challenge? Did I miss any rules or any tips? Leave comments here with questions, issues, any links, tips, and progress updates!


Translate TechNet Wiki, and the world wins!

- Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)