One of the things that I like to provide (and see used) for longer TechNet Wiki articles are Return to top links. These are useful when an article is longer than just a section or two. I typically think about using the Return to top links when I feel it necessary to create a table of contents for an article. Speaking of which, Peter Geleen started a TechNet Wiki article "How to Automatically Add a Table of Contents (TOC) to Your Wiki Article" that includes a discussion on using Return to top links.

The process is relatively quick. These are the essential steps:

  1. Create a Top link in your article. I like to select the first word of the introduction paragraph to the article.
  2. Select that word or location that is your target for the link and then click the Insert Link or Anchor icon.
  3. On the Anchor tab and then type a name for the link. I usually type top for mine.
  4. Next, determine where you want to place your Return to top links in your article.
  5. Create the link text by either typing Return to top or copying and pasting some fancier looking version, like: ↑ Return to Top
  6. Select your Return to top text and then click the Insert Link or Anchor icon again.
  7. On the Hyperlink tab, in Existing Anchor, select the name of your link. You might also type something like "Return to top of article" as a Tooltip. Then, click OK.

Repeat steps 5 through 7 for every additional Return to top link that you want to create in your article.

The following video demonstrates adding Return to top links into a TechNet Wiki article: