Welcome to our weekly Top 10 Contributors on TechNet Wiki!

There were 7 people with over 50 contributions this week. Let's see what's happening...

So I have to wonder if the numbers are perfectly accurate this week, but we'll look into it more.

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His biography reveals his background a little: "Senior Systems Engineer/SharePoint Architect Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011 Recipient"

First, Craig is reported to have an astounding 2K+ contributions this week. Is it possible? Yes.

If he changed the title and tag in one and sometimes two edits for every article with a SharePoint tag or keyword search in the entire TechNet Wiki... then yes.

Let's ask him... Craig, do you think you actually made over 2,000 edits this week?


Here Craig reveals his multiple-tag solution, where you can filter multiple tags (like if you wanted to view only the articles with both the "pt-BR" and "SharePoint" tags). Check it out here:

Community Request - Please Embrace a Multilingual TechNet Wiki (en-US)

Craig, I love your multiple-tag solution! I suggest you create an article that's focused on the message of "how to find SharePoint 2010 articles in different languages". It's almost like a sub-section to this article (so you can just copy and paste it), but really it's a different topic and worthy of its own article.


And congrats also to Gokhan, Horizon, Susan, Masahiko, Michele, Patris, Fernando, and Yottun.


What do you think about including the "en-US" title code and tag?

As a tag, one advantage of using the "en-US" tag is that you can include a tag filter on "en-US" and a second filter on a technology (such as "SharePoint"). The result is that you only get English articles about SharePoint... Assuming that every English article about SharePoint contains both tags... "en-US" and "SharePoint".



Come on in! The Wiki is warm!

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