Welcome to Tuesday's Wiki Article Spotlight!

Every once in a while, you're surfing through the awesomeness that is TechNet Wiki, and then all of a sudden, your jaw drops. You're stunned at what you're looking at. (For example, Tony's PowerShell Survival Guide.)


Well that happened to me today when I saw...


FIM 2010 Wiki Articles


By Peter Geelen, MVP


It has a good intro. I noticed that it says all the FIM articles listed on the page are on the Wiki. That sounds pretty good.

Then I noticed that the table of contents (TOC) is quite expansive:

Table of Contents


... Okay, that's great. Somehow, the pessimist in me was expecting to find 6 articles in each category.

But, of course, that's not what I found!

The How To category had 24 articles in it!  And the How To Script section had 49 articles! So I was impressed... to say the least.

But here's what did it for me and sent me over here to blog about it...


Next to each of those items, you'll see the name of the author and the date that the author created the article. Wow.

Yes, Peter actually added that information to every single link on that page!!!

And then here was another kicker, each section heading was also a link to the tag that all those articles (in each section) are filed under!


Talk about organized and laid out for your convenience! So that sent me over here to send you back over there! It's like the circle of life, but different (more clicking, I guess).


So go check out all the wonder, and dive in! The Wiki's warm.


   - Ninja Ed  (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)