Hello Community, first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope that 2012 is full of success for all of you.

There are many developers that already realized that TechNet Wiki is not a platform exclusively for IT PROs and that their articles are very welcome (we need them…keep them coming!). There are many developers also that use the CodePlex platform to publish their own applications, which is great. But what about joining the best of both worlds? When you are building your application and documenting it, chances are that this application will suffer some changes once it hits the wire and the community starts to make changes. Which means they will have to update the CHM file (if there is one), right? That’s one option, but what if you use the TechNet Wiki Platform to document the application that you published at CodePlex?

Last September I did that with an application that I co-wrote with two other folks from Microsoft, the application is called Network Monitor Wizard, its available on CodePlex and now the documentation is also available at TechNet Wiki. Here it is the link for this article:


The advantage of using such approach is that now you have a documentation that can be fully updated by the community, including the addition of new sections, such as Troubleshooting, Known Issues, etc. Amazing, isn’t it?

Just to emphasize again: DEVELOPERS YOU ARE WELCOME at TechNet Wiki ! To get start use the option below on TechNet Wiki main page:


Go to the Development Portal:


….and if the technology that you want to write about is not there (for example C#), you can edit the Portal and add it in there. It’s that easy! If you are a developer and you are not on TechNet Wiki yet, make sure to review the articles below:

  1. Join the Wiki Community Begin interacting with technology professionals
  2. Get to know the Wiki Discover all of the exciting features
  3. A day in the life of an article Learn about composition, revision and comments
  4. Contribute your knowledge Share your expertise with technology professionals worldwide

That’s it folks, TechNet Wiki is much more than IT PRO….it’s technology working for the community!

See ya next time!